Naming your devices

Every record collected will have the ID number of the device it came from, however if you have lots of devices this can be hard to keep track of. Naming your devices is great to way to prepare ahead of an event and ensure everything has been synced. 

From the dashboard, navigate to the Team menu on the left-hand side and select Devices. 

Here you will see a list of all the devices that have synced to your Akkroo account. You can match this to the device ID displayed in the Help section of the app.

Click on 'Set device nickname' to add your own custom name. 

For example, you may use numbered stickers on your iPads as a way of tracking company inventory, you can update the Device name in your dashboard to the same number or to the name of the Sales person who is using it. 

Once happy with the name, save you changes by selecting the actions button in the top right-hand corner. if you ever need to change or remove the name simply click on it to re-edit. 

Please note a new device ID number is generated every time the app is reinstalled on a device.  

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