How to customise footers in follow-up emails

If you are using Akkroo to send follow-up emails to the leads you meet at your event, you can use a custom footer to include important extra text and links such as mailing list unsubscribe links and privacy information links.

In your event select the Send Email option, you can then add text and personalisation as normal. At the bottom of the page you'll see a text box labelled Custom footer, simply type in what you would like to appear in the footer. 


Text formatting and hyperlinks can be added using Markdown, below find some examples of the basic formatting you may wish to use. Please note the footer does not support remote images.

Italic Text *Italic Text* Italic Text
Bold Text **Bold Text** Bold Text
Bold & Italic ***Bold & Italic Text*** Bold & Italic Text
A link to a website  [Unsubscribe]( Unsubscribe

You can find out more about using Markdown here.



Passing variables (advanced)

Markdown can be combined with our email personalisation to create a custom unsubscribe link.

You can combine our {~email~} syntax with the markdown to share the email address inside a link, for example:


This will create a user specific unsubscribe link, populating the email address supplied by the lead at the time of collection.  


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