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You can save time with form and template setup by using the Contact Group, which allows you to quickly add common contact detail questions with one click. It also stops the need for complex logic to hide multiple entry methods as well as simplifying the data output. 
Currently the Contact Group question is available for iOS devices only. 
How to get set up 
The Contact Group can be added to your form like any other question. By default it will include options for Text, Badge & Business card entry; these can be toggled on and off as desired. If you do not have access to the entry method you’ll see a note and the editor will not be available, however you will still be able to use the group for the Text collection method.
To remove a collection method select the toggle to the left, it will grey out and disappear from the preview. You can select the arrow to the right of the field to expand more editing options.
Each field within a collection method can be removed via the toggle or relabelled by clicking on the current name. For example Company Name could be changed to Organisation Name; although you can relabel a field name this will not change the output type, the data entered will still be associated with name. 
By default most key fields are mandatory and will need to be filled out to submit the form, you can change this for each field as shown below.
You can reorder both the collection methods & the fields within them by dragging and dropping within the editor.

The Contact Group is designed to simplify and collate common contact information, this means your export and integration process will be more streamlined will less fields/ columns to map and edit. 


If data is entered in more then one of the collection methods all the data will be recorded in Akkroo, however the collection methods will be prioritised as follows: 

Business Card



This means if an email address is manually typed and picked up off a business card, the data from the business card will be used. 

As the Contact Group is a self-contained group of questions it is not possible to use any of the contained fields within as the root of logic, however you can use logic to hide the Contact Group.


In the app the Contact group will now appear as a normal question would, simply tap on the collection method header to switch to the one you would like to use.
The mandatory options will only be enforced for the open collection method, for example if you chose to submit a Business Card you will not need to fill out any of the mandatory fields in the Text collection method.
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