Manage your users and keep your account secure

When creating new users in Akkroo you will need to set them a permission level. Find out how to manage your team below!

User Levels and responsibilities

Users with restricted access can view events within the dashboard without being able to edit or export the data. This could be useful for a member of the Sales team who wants an overview of the entire event. 
Normal users can create new events or duplicate existing templates, they will also be able to export data from the dashboard. This would most likely apply to a member of your marketing team who helps manage data post event. 
Account Owner
These will be the main point of contact and have overall control of the account Account owners can create templates, manage company details and add or remove users from the dashboard. 
App User
App users will normally be Sales representatives on the floor at your event. If they have the account login details they will be able to view and complete forms from an iPad or another device.  They will be unable to access information about the event other than the data they have collected. 
Account security
The account is managed by individual users who make themselves known during the presales/ on-boarding process; these users will be assigned as Account Owners.  
To add or update any account information we need the verification of one of the named Account Owners, so it’s important to keep us updated with any changes to your team. 
We can add new account owners only with the express permission of a current account owner. If a new user requests access, we will reach out to the current owner via the email address on file to confirm access.
We recommend providing at least two points of contact who can authorise changes on the account. 

Providing App Login details

Understandably sometimes people forget login details and might get to an event and not be able to log in.
In the interests of security, we are unable to give out login details over the phone; We will email one of the account dashboard users (doesn’t have to be an owner) on file to provide the information. 
Alternatively providing an Account Owner can verify your identity we can email the details to the requester (with a company domain email address).
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