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What is the Wi-Fi icon and how does it work?

The icon in the top right-hand corner of the app (when in a particular event) is called the Wi-Fi Icon, which will either be white or clear. The counter indicates the amount collected on each individual device, allowing you to check attendance levels and accurately monitor how many delegates you have signed-up/checked-in instantly. If the counter icon is:

1) White - the device is connected to the Wi-Fi and the data is automatically, in real-time, shared with the online control panel.

2) Transparent - the device is not connected to the Wi-Fi and the data is being held locally, on the device itself. The data will be shared with the control panel the next time the device to connected to a secure Wi-Fi source, and the app is opened.

Viewing Statistics and Switching Between Events

The Wi-Fi Icon that is visible in the top right corner of your form is also used to access the in-app events list. To do this:


Hold your finger down on the icon and slide it along to the left. You will see an admin panel slide out on screen, which will show summary statistics of the event so far, including:

1) The number of attendees registered and checked-in on that device.

2) Any duplicate registrations (when the same email address is used to submit multiple records). 


3) Any unsynced data (when the app is used without Wi-Fi connectivity).

4) Group statistics of all the Wi-Fi connected devices used at the event (accessed via the ‘Fetch event statistics’ button).


From the panel, hit the ‘Events’ button and you will then return to your event list.

From the event list, you can logout of the app, or access the app settings and help sections.

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