Adding App & Dashboard users

Create new dashboard users

Within the dashboard you are able create new users with various levels of access to your Akkroo account, via the 'Team' button on the side panel.

You will land on the Dashboard users page where you can view your current Dashboard users and their level of access. This is where you can invite a new user. 

Invite a new dashboard user

Enter in a full name and email address for the user. Be sure to select the correct user role for invitee, these are explained in more detail on the invite user page.

Create new app users

Working with multiple users in the app is the perfect way to track all the data collected back to a particular user or Apple device. This is extremely useful when incentivising staff or monitoring activity.

To setup different app users via the dashboard:

  • Log into the dashboard and select 'Team' on the side panel.
  • Click on 'App users' on the side panel below 'Team'.
  • Click ‘Create New App User’ to create a new user.
  • Enter the full name of the new app user, with the option to send out installation instructions as well - to do so, you'll need to tick the box 'Send App installation instructions by email' and enter their email address.
  • Please note - you can also remove app users by clicking on a user and selecting 'Remove App User'.

To setup different app users via the device:

  • Open the app. You will land on the ‘Please select the user’ section (unless you’re already logged in, then you will need to logout of the app).
  • Click ‘Add new’ to create a new user.
  • Please Note - the data collected by particular app users can be monitored in real-time, by selecting the event in the dashboard and viewing the Statistics page.

If you do not wish to link back leads to a particular user, one generic username can be used across multiple devices.


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