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The business card scanning feature captures images of your business cards including name, email address, company and additional contact info. 

Business card scanning is currently available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. While business card scanning to get the best results we recommend you use devices that have a flash and a higher camera resolution. Eg. iOS 9 or above and iPad Mini or iPad 3 (or above). You may also want to look at our Business Card Tips article.

Enabling the camera on your device

When you have the camera or business card scanning feature within one of your Akkroo forms, you device will ask you to allow Akkroo to use the camera for this purpose. Currently, only Apple devices support these features. 

If you accidentally tap Don't Allow, don't worry - you can switch this to allow Akkroo to use the camera within the device settings. 

To enable the camera, 

  1. Open your iPhone or iPad Settings app.
  2. Tap on Privacy and then on Camera.
  3. You will see a list of apps that have requested access to the camera. Toggle the Akkroo option green if it is not already.


Using the business card scanning camera

To start scanning:

Make sure that you have locked your device in portrait mode.

If possible connect your device to wifi. If you are using it offline, remember that no data or images will sync until you are connected to wifi again.

Tap the camera icon when you want to scan a business card. The camera will open. Position the camera in front of the card so that the edges of the card remain in view. 


4. On the native iOS or Android app, the camera will automatically detect, focus, and allow you to capture the business card. Take the picture by pressing the shutter button.

Once the business card is captured and the data has been synced to the dashboard, recognised information from the card will be transcribed. The fields that will be transcribed are Company Name, Full Name, Job Title, Email, Phone, Website, and Address. The data will become viewable in the dashboard after a period of time.

If you have set up a trigger email, this will be sent out as soon as the transcription has been completed and the data is back in the Akkroo dashboard.

Sync data to the dashboard

Data (including the images) will need to be properly synced to your dashboard for the transcription to occur correctly.

If you are not sure if your images have fully synced, you can view the progress within the app.

1. Open the event within the app.
2. Tap the door symbol to see the event overview (at the top right corner), then select the status page.
3. You will see 'Records to be synced' and 'Images to be synced'.
4. If the 'Records to be synced' number is more than 0, then connect to a strong wifi signal and sync your device again. Leave the device connected so that the images can be uploaded to your dashboard in Akkroo.


If you are still having trouble syncing all of your data, check out our syncing tips article.

Scanning tips

1. Once you have successfully taken the photo, you will see a cropped version of that image as a preview within the Akkroo form.


You can tap the image to open a full-size preview or hit the trash icon in the top right corner to take a new one. 

2. Business cards vary in size, colour, and style, so consider these tips for optimal results:

  • The automatic capture feature works best when business cards are placed on a contrasting background. Place light cards on dark backgrounds and dark cards on light backgrounds. This setup is particularly important when using older iPads or iPod Touch devices with lower resolution cameras.
  • For glossy cards, tilt the phone at an angle to avoid glare from the flash.

3. When using the business card scanner within the Akkroo app, it does not matter which orientation you use to take the photo - either landscape or portrait, provided that the photo you take is a clear one of the business card.

4. Transcriptions can prove problematic if there is a shadow over the card or the image is not focused and very blurry. Try to take the best photo possible in order to receive the most accurate data.

If you'd like to know more about business card scanning at your next event please drop us an email and we'll be happy to assist.

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