Using pre-registration for events with check-in

Avatar Clare Knight, 

Setting up a pre-registration form allows attendees to register for an event using their name and email address, ready for check-in on an Akkroo guest list and app. You are able to customise the web form by asking additional questions after check-in.

Setting up pre-registration events


Set an end for pre-registration

This will set a date and time that pre-registrations will close. No further attendees will be able to register via the form after this date. 

Set a maximum number of pre-registrations

If you only have a certain number of spaces available for your event, you can put a limit on the number of registrations. When this limit is reached the form will close and no further registrations can be made. 


Customise your success page message for pre-registration events


You are able to create your own custom success message when someone completes the pre-registration form. To do this:

1. Go to your event and go to Edit event

2. Go through to the form builder

3. Click on Settings at the top right hand corner

4. Customise the Pre-registration Success Message

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