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Welcome to our comprehensive guide to creating incredible experiences using Akkroo. The Form Builder is the complete tool for customising the experience and questions on the Akkroo app and web forms.

1. Choosing an Event Type: Guest List or Data Capture

‘Event’ is the term used for a period of time that you wish to collect data. i.e. a one day event or an event over multiple days.

What is a Data Capture Event?

Use this Event type when you want to create a data capture form and collect any type of information from people through the Akkroo app or web forms.

What is a Guest List Event?

Use the Guest List Event type if you have a list of people that you wish to upload into Akkroo and then ‘check-in’ when they arrive at your event. You can also collect information from any new arrivals that aren’t on the original guest list, plus ask additional questions after an attendee has checked-in or registered.

View our article on setting up a guest list event for a step by step guide.

Asking additional questions

Additional questions in a Guest List Event act as a Data Capture form after Check-In.

This is useful if you only have a person’s name and email address but would like to collect further information of their Job Title, Company Name, and what they are interested in.



2. Setting a start and end date for your event

Event Start Dates

Choosing to set an Event start date that matches your actual event date orders your events chronologically within your Dashboard and the Akkroo app, which is useful if you have a lot of events in time. It will make it easier to find and manage your Events in the dashboard as you continue to use Akkroo.

Event End Dates

Setting an end date for your Event can help you manage your events within the dashboard. You will still be able to collect data if the end date passes. 

When creating a Guest List event you are also able to set an end date for pre-registrations.

To find out more about pre-registrations click here.

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