Set up a follow-up email

Follow-up emails allow you to send an email to the person who completes the form. You can customise the message and content to include personalised messaging based on their question responses.


How to setup a follow-up email

Once you have completed your form and set up all of the links, hit the Save & Continue button at the bottom of the form. You will return to the dashboard for the event.

Click on the ‘Send Emails’ option and then ‘Add new’ > ‘Email’. You will now be able to create your Trigger Email.

Fill in the Sender's Name, Email address for replies and Subject line details as required.

Add your own content to the Your message box. Within the body of the email, add your own text to make it relevant to your event and customer.

You will notice the Personalisation drop down box options within Subject line and Your message

This feature allows you to insert dynamic information about the event such as the Event Name and Event Date. You can also pull through data collected from the fields within your form. 


How to add Personalisation

1. Write your message in Your Message to form the main message of the email

2. Place your cursor at the point where you want to insert a piece of dynamic personal information in the email

3. Choose an option from the Personalisation drop down menu

4. Select Insert

5. A green message will momentarily appear to tell you that it has been successfully inserted into the body of the email

You will see how it will appear in the preview of the email on the right hand side of the page. 

The two main field types you are likely to use this for are Link collection and Link with PDF Preview. Click the links to find out more about setting up these field types in the form builder.

All you need to do is select the Question title that relates to the Link Collection or PDF preview field from the drop down list. 

Once you are happy with your email, click Save and you will have created your trigger email.


Adding custom formatting your email messages

The Your Message field for setting the email body supports basic text formatting using a technique called Markdown. By adding some simple characters to your message, you can add bold, italic and links.

It's not designed for fully formatted HTML editing, but it should give you a little more control of the look and feel of your email.

Here are the basics:

Bold Text

Use **double star around text to make it bold** just like this. 

That'll show like this in your email:

Use double star around text to make it bold just like this. 

Italic Text

Use _underscores around text to make it italic_ just like this. 

That'll show like this in your email:

Use double underscore around text to make it italic just like this. 

Links to websites

Here's a [link to Google!](

Will show up like this in your email:

Here's a link to Google!

Find out more about customising your footer here

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