Post Event

Syncing data

It is important to remember to sync all devices after data has been collected at an event. If a device is not synced, the data collected on that specific device will not appear in the dashboard. View more about syncing devices and data.


Export data as an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file from the dashboard. You can then upload this into a CRM (unless your account has an Akkroo integration set up, in which case it will go through automatically). Data will always be in the dashboard, even when events are archived, but it is best to export data soon after the event. View how to export and download data from an event.


Archiving events

After an event has finished and data has been exported, archive the event so that it no longer appears in the Event List within the app. It stops confusion and is a good routine to get into. View more about archiving events and other dashboard actions.

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