Before your Event

Create, preview & sync your form

Be sure to create and edit forms through the dashboard prior to events. This will allow time to preview the form, make any changes and sync the event properly to the app.

If any last minute edits are made to a Guest List and Data Capture event - it must be synced with all devices for the changes to be pulled through.

Trigger emails

If emails are being sent out to users whose data has been collected, setup the email before the event. We do not recommend creating emails after an event has started as not all customers will receive the email. View how to set up a trigger email.

Installation and devices

We strongly recommend that sales teams download and install the Akkroo app on their devices prior to the event. Devices need to be connected to a strong wifi signal in order to fully install the app. View how to install the app.

Archive events

To keep the event list within the app simple to use, remove old events from the view by archiving them from within the dashboard. This will result in only Open events appearing in the event list. View our article on archiving events and other dashboard actions.

Please note - large numbers of events in the event list can slow the app down.

Adding app & dashboard users

Team members are able to create their own app profile when they log in to the app. It can be useful if one person adds all of the app users prior to the event via the dashboard.

Akkroo collects statistics on data that is collected and by having set app user profiles for your sales team, you will be able to tell who collected what data at an event. See more about viewing statistics here.

Dashboard users will have access to see any data that is synced from devices. If you need dashboard users to see the data come through in real time, you will need to set up their access before the event.

See our detailed article on how to add users in Akkroo.


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