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What is the MailChimp subscribers integration?
Using MailChimp subscribers integration, you can instantly move the details of people you collect in Akkroo data capture forms into new MailChimp subscribers with the help of Zapier. You can share any text-based or selection data from the Akkroo forms you create.
You need to contact support ( or your account manager to turn on this MailChimp integration feature for your account before you can follow these steps.

Here's what you'll need to get started:

  • A Zapier account -
  • A MailChimp account - It helps if you have already created the list you want to add subscribers to
  • An Akkroo account - It also helps to have created a form and have a submission put through beforehand.
1: Initial Setup - Create a new Zap
Once in Zapier, select Make a New Zap.
Select the Trigger New or Updated Registration and on continuing click to Connect a New Account.
Enter your unique company credentials (case sensitive), which can be found within your Akkroo dashboard under the button Get the App.
Copy the Webhook URL to clipboard and notes for next stage.
First run setup is complete. Your account is now ready for you to setup individual events, which should create new Marketo leads.
Using the Integration: Create new subscribers automatically in MailChimp
You will need to repeat this step of the process for each event that will create new Marketo Leads. Alternatively you can duplicate and modify an existing event where the Marketo integration has already been set up.
Choose an event from your dashboard, and click into it. From the options, select the Setup integrations button. 
From the options, choose Webhook.
It's time to setup the Webhook between your Akkroo event and MailChimp. Tick created under 'Send a notification when an event record is:', and paste the Webhook URL in the box under URL to notify.
2: MailChimp Setup - Configure your MailChimp account
Select the Action New/Update Subscriber and on continuing click to Connect a New Account.
Enter your MailChimp credentials and connect your account to Zapier.
The next step is to select a list within MailChimp and add the required field IDs, that are linked to your Akkroo form:
  • In the Email field enter: {{email}}

If you'd like to pull across additional contact information, such as First Name and Last Name, you'll need to add the IDs below:

  • In the First Name field enter: {{firstName}}
  • In the Last Name field enter: {{lastName}}
For more information on Field IDs, please click here
You'll then have the chance to test that zap out with entries from your Akkroo account. You can click on the samples to see the data you get from Akkroo, and what info exactly will be sent to MailChimp.
And that's it! When you collect data using the app or web forms, the new leads will appear in MailChimp automatically, and the MailChimp subscribers details will be filled using data from the Akkroo form.
Questions & Related Tasks
Can I update an existing MailChimp subscriber by submitting the same person's data twice?
It's not possible to update a record for the same person. You would need to delete the person's record from the event in the Akkroo dashboard and then re-submit the data.
How fast will my subscribers appear in MailChimp?
Usually a few seconds after they appear in the Akkroo dashboard.
How does this feature work when my devices are offline?
Leads are queued to be added to MailChimp as soon as the data synchronises to the Akkroo dashboard.
Can I use the same integration over multiple Akkroo accounts?
You must setup an independent integration link for each separate Akkroo account. A cost will apply for each additional account that needs an integration.
Can I import the data that I collected before I set up the integration on an event?
You must setup the integration prior to collecting data. Data collected before setting up the integration must be manually exported and imported using CSV or Excel.
How do I disable or remove an integration from an event?
From the Integrations screen for the event, under the MailChimp row, select Remove Integration.
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