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If you have brochures, leaflets, and white papers to show to delegates at events but you don't want to navigate them away from filling in their details on the form, then you can make use of our in-app PDF viewer. 

This feature can be useful if you are using your devices in kiosk mode, which encourages delegates to complete the forms themselves. This will enable them to view any PDFs before requesting the download link in an email. You will also need to set up a trigger email

This feature will need to be enabled for your account, just contact with your request.

Add PDF preview feature to your form

1. Once enabled, you will see a field type in the form builder called View & select PDF


2. Title the field e.g. Preview our brochures,  then give your different brochures a label, this is what the delegate will see as a title of the brochure in the form. 


3. Using the upload button select the appropriate PDF file from your computer. Please note that the file name can not contain spaces or fullstops.


4. You also have the option to add a PDF via a custom link, just select Use custom URLOnce you've filled in the details for your PDFs, you also have the option to rearrange the order in which they are displayed. To do that, simply click and drag an asset to drop it in the order you would prefer.


5. Click Save & Finish.

What does it look like in the form?

In the form you will notice a magnifying glass icon with View next to it for each of the PDF options. If a delegate taps that icon, the PDF preview will appear. 


When viewing the PDF preview, they can resize it to suit. They will then be able to tap Close on the bottom left hand corner to return to the form. 


Sending PDFs to delegates by email

If a delegate checks the tick box next to the PDF to signify that they would like to receive the full PDF, the link will be sent to the delegate via a trigger email. 

Find out how to set up a trigger email here.

Important information regarding hosting of PDFs

The PDFs you wish to use within the PDF Viewer feature must be hosted on a secure URL, and this is sometimes something you may need some assistance with setting up.

We sometimes find customers don't always have the right security arrangements on their hosting environment or server to ensure this works. We can assist if you are not able to securely host the files. Requirements for secure PDF hosting:

  • Support for TLS 1.2+ (will therefore be on a URL starting https://) 
  • An up-to-date cipher set

Do you need somewhere to host your PDFs?

If you don't have anywhere to host your PDFs, we recommend signing up for a free Dropbox account and follow the guide here on how to provide PDF downloads from Dropbox. 

Requirements for uploaded PDF URL:

  • Dropbox automatically generates a URL that ends with dl=0, however it must end with dl=1, in order for the PDF to display in the form

Please note that the PDF viewer field is compatible with the iOS app and web forms. 

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