Set up an event with check-in

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 Note: This feature will be changing as a result of new and exciting improvements that are coming
 in the following weeks. Please refer to for more information. 

What is a check-in?

If you have a list of people that you wish to upload into Akkroo and then "check-in" when they arrive, you should enable this functionality.

Set up an event with check-in

1. Click on Events on the left hand side and then click on the blue Create Event button.

2. Enter the name of your event, date(s), and then under "Event Features" (item 3), toggle "Enable check-in functionality" to On. This functionality allows users of the app to mark people as have attended the event.

You can also then toggle "Allow collection of new records at the event" to On if you want to add new registrations of guests that aren't on the pre-uploaded list.


3. Click Continue to move onto the next screen.

4. If you just have "Enable check-in functionality for this event" toggled, the Full Name and Email fields won't be visible, and you'll have to enter additional questions into the Form Builder at this stage in order to move forward.

If you have both "Enable check-in functionality for this event" AND "Allow collection of new records at the event" enabled, you will see that the Full Name and Email fields are fixed questions (these can not be removed or edited). If a guest turns up and is not on the guest list, they can register and input their name and email. These two fields won't appear for guests already on the list.


5. Once you have created your form for the guest list event, click 'Save & Finish' at the bottom. This will redirect you to a page to upload your guest list.

6. The guest list spreadsheet must have at least 3 columns:

  • First Name
  • Last Name 
  • (Or you can choose to do Full Name in one column instead)
  • Email

You can choose to have further columns that will show in the export and in the app itself when the attendee checks in.

7. If the spreadsheet you uploaded has titles in the columns, you can select 'First row are headings'. You then just need to go through and click on first name, last name, (or full name), and email as mentioned above from the drop down options. For all of the others, select 'Keep Data' if you want it to show in the export post event.

8. If your spreadsheet does not have titles, do the same for first name, last name, (or full name), and email. When you select 'Keep Data' for the other columns, you will need to input their title e.g. Gender, Phone Number etc. Click 'Next'.

9. Now you will be asked what data you would like to show in the app when a guest checks in. Tick the ones you want to show. Click 'Save'. Your guest list will now upload to the event.

10. You will now see that your guest list has been uploaded into your event ready for check ins.


Be sure to sync your devices to pull through the event and the uploaded guest list. To do this, connect to a strong wifi. 

Please note - you are NOT able to check an attendee in twice, so be careful of testing the event in the app once you have uploaded the list.


Change the column separator in all .csv text files

  • Different machines can save Excel / CSV files using different formats, to make sure your data is read correctly it will need to be UTF-8 encoded.
  • In order to upload a file to Akkroo it will need to use commas as the delimiter. If you are based in the EU your spreadsheet program maybe set to use semi-colons rather then commas as a delimiter (separator). 
  1. In Microsoft Windows, click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.
  2. Open the dialog box for changing Regional and Language settings.
  3. Type a new separator in the List separator box [this needs to be a comma]
  4. Click OK twice.
Note:  After you change the list separator character for your computer, all programs use the new character as a list separator. You can change the character back to the default character by following the same procedure.
You can find steps on how to easily change this here

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