Using Badge, Ticket, and Invitation Scanning

Avatar Andy Higgs, 

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Why would I use badge scanning?

Scanning the barcode or QR code from a badge, ticket or invitation can be a great way to speed up the data collection process. Often event organisers will supply a machine-readable code on your event lanyard badge which contains some information about the attendee. Typically the event organiser or venue chooses the content in these badges, and for a fee, will let you link Akkroo with their system to capture the contact data inside the badge when you're using the app.

You can also use badge scanning for speeding up events where you are running a guest list or have a pre-populated list of attendees, for example a VIP or internal company event where you want to quickly check-in or identify a person by scanning their invitation, ticket or badge.

Where can I use badge scanning?

Akkroo's badge scanning features can be used where a QR code or barcode is printed or digitally shared with attendees. If you control your own badging and ticketing, or where you are attending an event organised by a third party, both are places where our scanning can provide a great time-saving benefit. Akkroo can often be used to replace the badge scanning devices supplied by event organisers.

Compatible events are more readily available in some regions than others, and not all badges are compatible.

We also offer business card scanning, which automatically reads contact data from business cards and which can be used where badge scanning isn't an option.  

What types of badges and tickets can be scanned?

There are many types of barcodes and QR codes, and we have fairly wide support for the various formats. If you are unsure, please supply a sample badge and we can quickly let you know if we can support it.

What do I need to do to use badge scanning?

Our badge scanning works on supported Apple and Android devices. 

How long does it take to get setup?

Where a third-party is providing the badges, we need some time to work with you and the provider to understand their badge system. There are a large variety of badges, and some providers do not provide scanning-compatible codes. We advise giving at least a month of notice where possible if you have an event in mind so we can gather the right information from the third-party and provide the best service possible, however we may be able to assist much faster as some formats are more common than others.

How much does badge scanning cost?

We have a range of pricing plans to which badge scanning can be added. It often depends on frequency and region, and we will always be happy to give you assistance choosing the correct plan.

How do I actually use it?

Once set up on your form simply hit the Scan button. Position the camera squarely over the barcode or QR code.  


There may be more than one code visible on the badge, try to focus on the most prominent one.


Once the camera has found the barcode, it will populate the reference code in the form. Normally this will include some indication of the attendee's name if it doesn't just double check you've scanned the correct barcode. 


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