How to create a Terms & Conditions pop-up


To keep your form clean and concise Terms & Conditions can be presented via a pop-up window.

There are 2 steps for setting this up:

1. Entering your terms

From the form builder click the ‘Settings’ tab in the upper right hand corner of the preview pane. The form preferences panel will appear with a number of settings.

In the section titled Pop-Up window content, type or paste in the content that needs to appear.


2. Enabling the link

Switch back to the form layout view. You now need to create a pop-up hyperlink for a particular question. The most common field type used for this is 'Agree to emails' but you can apply a link to any text in a question.

Use two curly brackets to surround the text that you want to hyperlink like this - {{EXAMPLE TEXT}} 

See the examples below: 



You will need to view the form in the app to see view the pop-up window. For web forms, clicking on the highlighted text will create a text box at the end of the form. 


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