Set up integrations using Zapier & Akkroo

Avatar Andy Higgs, 

This article is of use to customers would like to power dashboards, screens and charts using data from Akkroo.

What is Zapier and how can it help me integrate data collected using Akkroo?

Zapier is an easy-to-use third-party online software service that can link other bits of software together. You can signup for a free account at their website and quickly create a connection between any number of pieces of well known software. Using Zapier can be of great help if you need to get data out of Akkroo (in real time) and present it elsewhere.

A great example of this might be creating a real time leader board for a competition at an event, or to get data sent directly to a spreadsheet.

Example: Powering a live online leaderboard using Akkroo, Zapier and Google Sheets 

When should I choose Zapier over the Akkroo API?

Sometimes deadlines are coming up on you fast and the idea of getting to grip with a full developer's API in a short time is prohibitive. Or perhaps you have limited coding experience. In the past some customers have needed a solution where they don't have access to a development team or budget.

Zapier is still a technical solution, however it can be a great bridge in situations where you don't have someone with code experience to hand.

Examples of how Zapier & Akkroo work well together

Because Zapier can connect many thousands of combinations of software, the possibilities are nearly infinite. Therefore will cover one example here which we think is the most valuable - pushing data into a Google Sheet in real time.

The value of this are:

  • Google Sheets is a free spreadsheet service
  • It updates in real time
  • It can be styled to look any way you like
  • It can be used to create real-time graphs, tables and leaderboards
  • It can be expanded upon infinitely using formulas and other standard spreadsheet features
  • It is very well and publicly documented so there is a wealth of reference material out there

Steps: Setting Up an integration between Akkroo and Google Sheets spreadsheet

1. Our Zapier 'Zap' is currently in private beta (as we're still perfecting it). That means you won't be able to find it on, and instead need to request an invitation link from us before you can use it. Please email and ask for your Akkroo Zap invitation link.

2. Signup or login to a Zapier account at

3. Click the link we send you. This will add the Akkroo Zap to your account, ready for use.

4. Click Make A Zap

5. Under Choose a Trigger App, search for 'Akkroo' and select it.

6. In the next step, press Save + Continue

7. Click Connect a New Account

8. Enter your Company Username and Company Passcode, then press Yes, continue, then Save + Continue

9. Copy the URL that Zapier creates for you.

10. Switch to the Akkroo dashboard and open the event you'd like to push data from.


Click on the setup Integrations button, add new and select Webhook, you can then paste the URL in and press Save.



11. Open the form on the Akkroo app and submit some data in every field (you can delete this later). This step helps Zapier understand what form fields it will need to look out for.

12. Return to Zapier. Press OK, I did this

13. Zapier will then look for the registration you created, once it has been picked up this data will be used to test the connection works.


14. You will then be asked to select your action app, this is where you want to send these registrations. Choose Google Sheets and sign in with your account. 


15. Once your Google Sheets account is linked, you will need to select your target spreadsheet. You will also need to map your fields, this ensures that the data from each question field goes to the correct spreadsheet column. 


You will be given a final chance to look over the mapping, with the test data submitted earlier showing under the corresponding spreadsheet field. You can then hit Finish to save your zap. 

You will then be able to view the test data in the corresponding Google Sheet.


Questions & Related Tasks

Can I import the data that I collected before I set up the integration on an event?

You must setup the integration prior to collecting data. Data collected before setting up the integration must be manually exported and imported using CSV or Excel.

How do I disable or remove an integration from an event?

From the Integrations screen for the event, under the Zapier row, select Remove Integration.

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