Your Pre-Event Checklist

Avatar Ilemi Arrindell, 

If you've put in the time to build an engaging form, don't let it go to waste by being unprepared! The following must-do steps are a simple way to ensure a successful event. 

One week before your event

Check all the devices you will be using are updated with the latest operating systems and are compatible with Akkroo. You can view the list of supported devices here.

Information on your device operating system will be accessible from the device settings page, you can also check the operating system and app version from within the app, by selecting help then diagnostics. 


Three days before your event

  • Check everyone has installed Akkroo properly. You can download our iOS app guide and distribute this amongst your team, don't forget to personalise it with your companies login details.
  • Test your form on a device to make sure your logic displays correctly, it's also a great chance to test how long the form takes to complete and if any tweaks can be made to optimise the user's experience.
  • Let the event team know when they will need to sync their app to get the finalised copy of the form.
  • It's also a good idea to archive any historic events you no longer need, this will prevent any unnecessary data syncing to the app. You can find the steps here



Day before the event

  • Last opportunity for changes to your form. If you really must make short notice changes to your form, try to do this no later than the day before. This will give app users a chance to sync their app while connected to a good internet source.
  • Run your team through basic troubleshooting for their devices.

Syncing post event

If you are experiencing difficulties syncing your device post event do not delete the app. Removing the app will delete any data still stored on the device, you will be unable to retrieve this data.  

  • Check your wifi source from the device's settings. 
  • In the Akkroo app, navigate to help then diagnostics
  • From the diagnostics menu select synced

If you're still experiencing difficulties syncing you can refer to the syncing help guide, or contact our support team.

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