📱View and edit records you’ve previously collected in-app

Avatar Emily Higgins, 

It used to be that when you logged-out of your app and then logged-in again, you’d lose visibility of the leads that you’d already collected (and therefore the ability to edit them in-app too). Needless to say, this wasn’t a great experience; especially if you have multiple users logging in and out of shared devices.

So, we wanted to make this better. In our new app version 4.6.0, you’re now able to view and edit all leads that have previously been collected (and synced) by the same app user, across all the events they’ve attended. App users can also accurately track the number of leads they’ve collected, by navigating to the in-app Statistics screen.

As a quick reminder - it’s always worth checking that records have synced before logging-out in the first place; there’s an in-app pop-up to remind users of this.

If you have any questions about this feature (or ideas about new ones!), please do get in touch with your dedicated Customer Success Manager or contact the support team on support@akkroo.com.

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