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Introducing our new Signature field!

Add signatures to your leads as a way to confirm a prospect’s consent and boost your double opt-in measures. Now available in the form builder, the new Signature field can be built into your forms in the dashboard, empowering sales teams to record signatures in the app with a stylus or finger. Read on to find out more about what you can do with the new field and where the data fits within GDPR.


What you can do with Signature field

  • Add a Signature field to event forms in the dashboard (and make it a mandatory field)
  • View and edit the signature in the dashboard (providing you’re an authorised logged-in dashboard user)
  • Sign your name in the app using either a stylus or finger
  • View the signature in app edit view, where you can also re-sign and delete
  • Map Signature fields to your integrated CRM and Marketing Automation software. The data will be sent as an image URL (string data)
  • Export Signature fields as an image URL

What this data means under GDPR - some key points to note

  • The Signature field can be used record consent from your leads. Use it to confirm that an individual has agreed for an opt-in checkbox can be ticked on their behalf.
  • In this context, we do not consider data acquired from the Signature field to be “sensitive”, and in this form, it could therefore be processed with your other lead data without the need for any specialised sensitive data policies. Depending on your own usage, we advise customers to conduct their own data sensitivity assessment before using this feature.
  • Signature data from this feature shouldn’t be used to uniquely identify individuals. If used in this way, the data could be considered as “sensitive” and depending on your locale you may need to enforce additional sensitive data handling policies; for example to remain compliant under GDPR.
  • If you have any further questions on this, feel free to approach our privacy team at privacy@akkroo.com.


🖥 Show me how! Add a Signature field to your form


1. In the form builder, click on 'Add a question'

2. Select 'Signature'

3. Configure your field, naming the question and adding any logic

4. Save the form




📱 Show me how! Collect a signature in your form


1. Navigate to the event form and tap the Signature field box, 'Tap to sign'

2. Sign your name using either your finger or a stylus

3. Submit the new record




📱 Show me how! View and edit a signature in your form


1. Open your lead (so you're now in edit view), tap on the Signature field

2. You'll see a popup menu that asks Delete or Redraw. This will either remove the signature and show an empty field (as in delete) or show a blank canvas screen where you can sign your name again (as in redraw).




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